Artificial Intelligence for processes

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Artificial Intelligence for processes


Because you have specific needs in terms of organisation of business and dynamic processes, you need tailored solutions to ensure optimal improvements. The PDDL4J solver, created through application of AI is your key partner.
By facilitating modeling and problem solving during the planning stages, PDDL4J solver for processes - 4P - generates :

  • Productivity gains.

  • Cost reductions for the company.

PDDL4J uses innovative algorithms. It can be rapidly adopted without programming, simply by providing inputs using high-level abstract language. PDDL4J then extracts a solution in the form of an operational action plan

In-company tests



Configure, manage, optimize a production chain (duration X, references Y, taking priorities into account, etc.).


Supervision of a fleet of AGV robots (trajectory, actions, energy, requirements, etc.).


Reduce the distance covered by an operator in a warehouseduring "pick and place" actions.


Would you like to test or improve your business process ?
Discover 3 offers by PDDL4J

4P Analyst

Audit with proof of concept and in situ tests.

4P Support

Deployment after development of the model, with cloud-based or local implementation.

4P Springboard

Tailored integration, with the development of interfaces and integration in the client's own ecosystem.

Would you like to test or improve your business process ?

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