The PDDL4J solver - In-company Tests


PDDL4J already collaborated with industrials. Our first tests provided productivity gains of between 5 and 50 % compared to in-house solutions or classical scheduling software. But, more than productivity gains, PDDL4J brings other benefits

The PDDL4J solver - Results



Configure, manage, optimize a production chain (duration X, references Y, priorities, etc.).


  • 50 % reduction in reconfiguration time.

  • 5 % to 6% gain in daily production yield.

Additional benefits

  • Priority criteria taken into account.

  • Automatic reconfiguration of the production line.

  • Automatic planning of prduction commands with handling of unforeseen events.

  • Prediction of production yields.



Supervision of a fleet of AGV robots (trajectory, actions, energy, requirements, etc.).


  • 40 % optimisation of prodution when using 1 robot.

  • 50 % optimisation of prodution when using 1 robot.

Additional benefits

  • Optimisation of cost for an order.

  • Performance of a production line can be simulated basedon initial hypotheses.

  • Specific constraints can be integrated into the supervision software.

  • Reconfiguration of the production line can be automated.



Reduce the distance covered by an operator in a warehouseduring "pick and place" actions.


  • 15 % reduction in the distance covered by the operator.

Additional benefits

  • Optimisation of the trajectory.

  • Real-time reconfiguration of the trajectory.